How to Control Your Car Like a Pro in Car Parking Multiplayer

All of us often face issues in having proper control of vehicles in the Car Parking Multiplayer mod apk, You might have also struggled with less optimized speed and car gear systems, which sounds annoying. To address this issue, we have developed this guide for controlling your vehicles in the game, which has the best solutions for controlled speed in the game, You can continue reading to have the most appropriate method. 


Control Car with a Better Grip in Car Parking Multiplayer

I feel myself the most active player of Car Parking Multiplayer since 2017, its release year. Why? Because I have never missed any update which comes with merits and often with demerits and used every fastest car in the game, In this recent update, developers have fixed multiple bugs but left the game with speeding accuracy. Players have to struggle more just to align the car in their lane which many times leads to crashing. 

So the solution I found is the CUSTOM SETEUP. In it, you can change the cog position towards the rear which is helpful. Furthermore, you can lower the swiftness of the car on both front and back from the suspension settings. In the end, double-check they are equal and test your car. This will surely prove very beneficial in enhancing the car’s adaptability on tough roads. 

Tips for Accurate Car Control

Follow these additional tips for making the car controls and grip accurate:

  • Making your car’s grip better helps you control it more easily. You can do this in the suspension settings.
  • If your car has more than 800 horsepower, pick the 1.2 grips. Also, adjust the suspension so it’s not too low or too high. When you want to drift for a short distance, use a lower gear.
  • Disable TCS, ABS, ESP, and stability help. Sometimes these features can get in the way of you controlling the car effectively.
  • For both short and long drifts, use 2nd gear. If you plan on drifting more, switch to higher gears.
  • Car selection also plays a big role, for instance, the McLaren P1 is known for being easy to control and having a good grip.